At Times Life Can Be Rough


At Times Life Can Be Rough

Thinking you’re okay

BAM! Your world is upside down

Once again, you’re under fire

Stressed beyond belief

Can not take too much anymore

Life must get better

Anger building up

About to boil over soon

Lost my endurance

Sick with such worry

Nails are chewed down to the quick

Appetite is gone

Today downhearted

Mood could be improved greatly

With any sign of hope

I am a fighter

Determination prevails

Keep on battling



©2019 Susan Zutautas

Published by Susan Zutautas

A Canadian girl, born in Montreal, mother of three grown boys that lives with her husband in Ontario. Published author and poet. Loves to write flash fiction. Author of New In Town and two children's books which can be found on Amazon.

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