A Wrong Turn

Image by Piotrg255 from Pixabay 


The following was written for a Wordle challenge over at Midlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Words for the wordle are as follows:
1. Bad
2. Turn
3. Cry
4. Learn
5. Thersitical- scurrilous; foul-mouthed; grossly abusive.
6. Ropes
7. Flail
8. Half
9. Trade
10. Distance
11. Fantasy
12. Purchase

I had to make a purchase today

but the shop was quite a distance away

In my mind, it was a fantasy

to buy or trade was costly in actuality

Finding the street, I made a bad turn

Step-monster was thersitical, said I’d never learn

Half of me wanted to cry

Thinking I might flail, wither, and die

Would I ever learn the ropes?

Learn to drive, was there any hope?

© Susan Zutautas 2020




Published by Susan Zutautas

A Canadian girl, born in Montreal, mother of three grown boys that lives with her husband in Ontario. Published author and poet. Loves to write flash fiction. Author of New In Town and two children's books which can be found on Amazon.

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