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This post is in answer to Share Your World.

Questions: Are you a sweet, sour, tangy or other type of person?  Take that as you will! 😉

Depends on my mood 🙂

Does the whole coronavirus phenomenon worry you?  Or are you more a “meh – it’s just another severe flu scare” type of person?

It worries me a great deal.

When was the last time you were snooping and found something you wish you hadn’t?s

Back when I was 14 I went snooping through my parent’s closet and found a ton of record albums of all bands that I liked. It was Christmastime and thought WOW I’ve hit the jackpot this year. Turned out my step-mother was hiding them for a friend of hers. I was so disappointed.

What’s the most pleasant sounding accent in your personal opinion?   Everyone has a pleasing accent to someone! 

I have a weakness for a Scottish accent.  Sean Connery … bring it on 🙂

Published by Susan Zutautas

A Canadian girl, born in Montreal, mother of three grown boys that lives with her husband in Ontario. Published author and poet. Loves to write flash fiction. Author of New In Town and two children's books which can be found on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Share Your World

  1. Finding those records and then not receiving them must have been such a letdown. A couple of people i know did that sort of thing when their kids were young, hid the gifts at each other’s houses to keep the kids from finding their surprises.

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