Worst Storm of My Life

Can’t we just pull off somewhere, I said as I was clutching the grab handle strenuously thinking I was going to die tonight. How the hell can you see anything?

The rain was pounding down with a furry. Turbulent winds were slamming us as we tried to make it further down the highway.

All that could be heard on the radio was take cover and stay off the roads if possible.

We were losing ground trying to keep ahead of the hurricane.

Cars were pulling off to the shoulder, but we kept going until we made it home safely.

Written for this weeks flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about high winds. It can be on land, sea or in outer space. Who is facing the wind or protected from it? Go where the prompt leads!

Published by Susan Zutautas

A Canadian girl, born in Montreal, mother of three grown boys that lives with her husband in Ontario. Published author and poet. Loves to write flash fiction. Author of New In Town and two children's books which can be found on Amazon.

18 thoughts on “Worst Storm of My Life

  1. I was in Houston when a storm hit. We were going to a convention and couldn’t see 3 feet ahead of us. Winds periodically rocked the Isuzu Trooper, but we arrived at the parking garage okay. When we left several hours later, the same road we used to arrive there still had debris scattered on it. Downed trees and houses with roof damage gave us a clue as to what happened, but it was the radio announcer that said, “Tornadoes..”

    I looked it up on “Storm Tracks”: On November 21, 1992, a concentrated and very unique series of tornadoes struck the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. Six tornadoes occurred within Harris County from four tornadic storms. At one time, there were three tornadoes on the ground simultaneously in the same county! The most damaging tornado (F4) developed in the Channelview suburb, on the east side of Houston. This tornado began as a thin rope and widened dramatically into a wedge shape (3/4 of a mile wide) within two miles of its inception. I cannot recall such a slow moving, cluster outbreak of tornadoes this far south and this late in the season.

    Yep. Those are the things in life you don’t forget.

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