Should a Would a Could a

Myself with my mother in law Claire The following poem is something I wrote for one of my dearest friends who just happens to be my Mother In Law.  We have had a really good relationship since we first met back in 1986, and have been great friends ever since. Claire is notorious for saying IContinue reading “Should a Would a Could a”

Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You – Flash Fiction Poem

Somewhere In Nova Scotia Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You Oh my darling yes it’s true No matter how much you try No matter how much you do Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You You get up each morning You work the day away The chickens to be fed The cows milked Stalls mucked outContinue reading “Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You – Flash Fiction Poem”

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Heartbroken Feeling A little blue Slapped in the face, Embarrassed to think I was on a cloud I was self-proud For awhile In a flash Ever so quickly I crashed and Came tumbling down Back to earth Ouch! That hurt Stand up again Pick up the Pieces what’re left If any of My own self-respectContinue reading “Some Days Are Harder Than Others”

If I Could Go Back In Time

Prince Edward Island, CanadaPhoto by Susan Zutautas If I could go back in time And change the things I’ve done I’m not so sure I’d be any happier Than what I have become My life has been meaningful to me I’ve had the pleasure of many things Met great people along the way Still meetingContinue reading “If I Could Go Back In Time”