Florida Breezes

A short review about a restaurant in Palm Harbor, Florida that was fantastic.

Tortilla Black Bean Wrap

  When I saw the Three things challenge or the #3TC over at Light Motifs II being tortilla, vault, and riverbed, a recipe I threw together one night for dinner came to mind. I love to cook and come up with new recipes. For this recipe, you’ll need chopped red onion, chopped green pepper, choppedContinue reading “Tortilla Black Bean Wrap”

Happy Again – Wordle 395 The Sunday Whirl

Today’s words are: This past year has been like a bad rollercoaster ride. Don’t get me wrong it was only half bad. Spring last year brought on a wave of depression that was so debilitating I had to seek help. My family doctor tried different anti-depressants to bring me back from the deep black holeContinue reading “Happy Again – Wordle 395 The Sunday Whirl”

Healthy Spiky Square

Asparagus has to be my favorite vegetable. Not only tasty but loaded with vitamins as well. It’s so costly in the offseason so I tend to only buy it when it’s in season.  I love it raw, cooked, and pickled. Wrapped in bacon and roasted in the oven is so delicious. Great addition to aContinue reading “Healthy Spiky Square”

Spiky Squares Bulrushes

When I was a child we would go to my grandmother’s cottage on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. At night once it got dark out the guys would dip a bulrush in gasoline and light it. We could then walk about and find our way while holding the bulrush. Once I got older IContinue reading “Spiky Squares Bulrushes”