Storm Watch

The day started out sunny but then suddenly the sun disappeared, and the rain came down fast and furiously, with alerts on the tv, warning that the winds were high and to possibly expect a tornado or hurricane. Avoid going outside, bring your pets inside, stay off the roads, until further notice, is what wasContinue reading “Storm Watch”

Dragon Crossing

Under his breath, the dragon huffed, “I can hear you up there Knight Slayer. You’re not going to fare well should I decide to come up there and get you. You’ve been warned before by my offsprings that you’re never to try and cross over here or you will be tortured. It won’t be aContinue reading “Dragon Crossing”

Ghost in the Night

Creeping silently down the hall Slithering across each and every wall Looking for my victim of the night Needing to get him in my sight Sent here by the devil himself To fail at this, I’ll be expelled Lurching outside his chamber door Restlessly waiting evermore For the perfect time to strike Just to scareContinue reading “Ghost in the Night”

Life’s Ambitions – Haiku-Style

This haiku is written in response to a challenge which can be found here: Diem Weekend Meditation #75 Poetry Archivepoetry What you do is: Dive into your haiku poetry archive. Choose one and share it. Explain why you chose the one you did. Write a new haiku that goes with the original one. Link itContinue reading “Life’s Ambitions – Haiku-Style”