Guilty or Innocent – Part 3

    Principal Taylor used his intercom to ask Pete to come to his office right away, however, Pete was in the gym playing basketball with his class and the principal was having a hard time speaking over the noise of the game. “Let me see if I can get my assistant to go andContinue reading “Guilty or Innocent – Part 3”

Home Photo Challenge – Food

The following is in response to a 2020 Home Photo Challenge over at Josephs.   Anyone that knows me knows that I love to cook. It’s my second passion next to writing. I’m always looking for new ways to make potatoes as my family loves them. During this pandemic, I’m finding I have lots of timeContinue reading “Home Photo Challenge – Food”

Spring – #CinquainPoetry

The following cinquain was written in response to Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge. I chose to write a reverse cinquain. Falling … Soaking the ground Nourishing the grasses Vegetation growing quickly Springtime © Susan Zutautas 2020        

Meg Takes Charge – Flash Fiction

The following flash fiction was written in response to a challenge over at Carrot Ranch.  In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story in which a character takes charge. Who is this character, and what situation calls for their action? It can be playful or serious, fantastical, or realistic. Go where the prompt leads!Continue reading “Meg Takes Charge – Flash Fiction”

Guilty or Innocent Continued

The following was written for a challenge called #SixSentenceStory over at Denise’s. The prompt word for this week is “Safety”.   Jane sat and stared in disbelief at the baggie that principal Taylor was holding up. “I can’t believe that this is pot let alone pot that belongs to my son, he’s always saying that the kidsContinue reading “Guilty or Innocent Continued”

Imaginary Friend

This week over at V.J’s the weekly challenge is IMAGINARY.   When I was a little girl I would go on many long car rides with my parents. One year we were driving to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for our vacation and that’s when I came up with an imaginary friend that I called, myContinue reading “Imaginary Friend”

Nightfall – #Gogyōka

The following poem was written in response to Colleen’s 2020 Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. This week’s prompt, The Night Sky.  This week I decided to try something new to me, a Gogyōka poem.   Darkened at the end of the day Luminous stars light the sky The moon above shines brightly North Star willContinue reading “Nightfall – #Gogyōka”