The End of Something Great

It is with great sadness that Chelsea has decided to discontinue the weekly terrible poetry contest. So today I sat down and wrote the following bunches of silliness for The Final Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest.  Holy moly chicken man All I want is a grand I will be your friend for a long time UntilContinue reading “The End of Something Great”

Happy Birthday Chelsea

The following was written for The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest.   This is a birthday song that we sing in our family.   Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chelsea, happy birthday to you. May you live a thousand years May you drink a thousand beers Get plastered you b_st_r_Continue reading “Happy Birthday Chelsea”

Win A Bunkie Contest

If you live in Ontario Canada I just found the perfect “She Shed”. Not only is it a bunkie but it’s also a log cabin bunkie. How awesome this would be to win. It’s a $9,000.0lo0 value. Most years my mother in law lives with us during the summer months. I know she’d love toContinue reading “Win A Bunkie Contest”