A Dogs Perspective Of Growing Old

When I was a puppy, we’d play every day Now that I’ve grown older, lie down is what you say I’d still love to fetch a ball even though I’m ten A few years ago, I was your best friend I hope I’m not too old for you, and you get a younger pup GetContinue reading “A Dogs Perspective Of Growing Old”

Training Maggie My Newfoundland Dog

Taking Maggie to obedience training school once week was a lot of fun for both of us and she really enjoyed being with all the other dogs. She knew exactly where we were going and got so excited each week to go to The Best Behaved Dog Academy. She caught on quite fast and IContinue reading “Training Maggie My Newfoundland Dog”

Our Newfoundland Dogs

Maggie and Bruce 2 Newfoundland Dogs All my life I’ve had dogs. When I first met my husband he wasn’t too keen on the idea of getting a dog. We talked about it and decided to wait until our three boys were older. This way we would have the time to care for and beContinue reading “Our Newfoundland Dogs”