What’s Your Lucky Number

Numbers can be lucky, or so they say What’s your lucky number, I ask if I may?   In poker, I have many, combinations that I’ll play King, seven is one of my favorites, that I win at most days   Sometimes my lucky number is the number two That goes way back from whenContinue reading “What’s Your Lucky Number”

Emotional Mess

Feeling emotional Is almost impossible Depression sets in Cool darkness within Dispassionate feelings towards all Now impassive such a downfall Emotionless and cold Wanting to die grows old Unemotional, sad, suicidal Longing for revival   © Susan Zutautas 2019   This was written for Opposites Attract Challenge by The Haunted Wordsmith.

Coming Into The Station

I hear the train’s whistle blow It isn’t going all that slow Everyone get off the tracks This is no time to relax Pulling into the station People waiting in anticipation You can hear the brakes squeal All that power, all that steel Everyone off, it’s the last stop, the conductor yells It’s time forContinue reading “Coming Into The Station”