The Eagle Haiku

Watching for his meal He sits high upon his perch Ready to take flight   This majestic bird Has a wingspan of eight feet Powerfully fast   Lives up to twenty A natural carnivore Can easily swim   © Susan Zutautas 2019     This haiku was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #56.

Snowflake Haiku

The life of a snowflake was written for December 2019 Writing Prompts.   Gently falling down Melting as they hit the ground A snowflake no more   Whipping all around Gathering on the ground Cold Blanket surrounds   Playing in the snow Catch a snowflake on your tongue Tingling as it goes   © SusanContinue reading “Snowflake Haiku”

Remembrance Day – Haiku

Remembrance Day Honoring the brave people Serving our country   Eleven o’clock On November eleventh Silence, two minutes   Courageously fought Those who died for us Did not die in vain at all   Sacrificing all For our wellbeing Always remembered   The ones that returned And ones that died are heroes We thank allContinue reading “Remembrance Day – Haiku”