Remembrance Day – Haiku

Remembrance Day Honoring the brave people Serving our country   Eleven o’clock On November eleventh Silence, two minutes   Courageously fought Those who died for us Did not die in vain at all   Sacrificing all For our wellbeing Always remembered   The ones that returned And ones that died are heroes We thank allContinue reading “Remembrance Day – Haiku”

Rodeo #1: Modern Tall Tale

This is what’s happening over at Carrot Ranch. Tall tales are the stuff of dime-store novels and pulp fiction. What is a tall tale? One that openly exaggerates and magnifies the truth to the point of being unbelievable. The story itself is hyperbole. But we want to believe it because it’s humorous, melodramatic, or sensational. ThisContinue reading “Rodeo #1: Modern Tall Tale”

Night Sky

All I saw were stars Astronomically challenged Someone help me out   The vast universe So many constellations Are ours to explore   Wonderous night sky Truly beautiful to see During a clear night   © Susan Zutautas 2019   This was written for I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #34.        Continue reading “Night Sky”

Hélène Vaillant – So Sadly Missed

I’m so sad today with learning on Facebook that Hélène Vaillant had passed away. I started following her here on WordPress and later we became friends on FB. I’ve only been here on WP since February of 2019 so it was a short friendship. I knew she wasn’t feeling well after the passing of herContinue reading “Hélène Vaillant – So Sadly Missed”