Fun With Clichés

“Extract from a cartoon by Priestman Atkinson, from the Punch Almanack for 1885, mocking clichéd expressions in the popular literature of the time”   The following was written for a challenge over at V.J.’s called: V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #86: cliché   The grass is always greener or so they say But my grass is a laborContinue reading “Fun With Clichés”

Clearly Deserted #Tanka

  Image Credit; Hoi An- Unsplash The bike you see in this picture tells me quite a bit. This is what I see: Used perhaps by a poor tradesman to haul his tools from one job to another. It could belong to a homeless person as I can see a few stakes and a tarp.Continue reading “Clearly Deserted #Tanka”

Poem for Bear – What do you see #17

This children’s poem was written for a challenge over at Keep it Alive called What do you see.     There was a bear upon my bed He looked like a sleepyhead I picked him up and said hello He said to me please don’t go Where did you come from little bear I don’tContinue reading “Poem for Bear – What do you see #17”

The Perfect Gift

This short story was written in response to What do you See Challenge. It was their second anniversary since Meg and Ian started dating and Ian was so happy when he saw the look on Meg’s face as he handed her this beautifully wrapped gift. “Happy Anniversary, Meg. I love you more and more eachContinue reading “The Perfect Gift”

Childhood Problems

Hello tree Can you see me? I’m standing right in front of you I’m very scared and very blue I ran away from home you see Really don’t know what’ll become of me I’m standing here, the lake behind me If I slip I’ll wrap my arms around thee I don’t know what I’m goingContinue reading “Childhood Problems”