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Dawson in Wait
Focus – Dawson

Scared to Death – Flash Fiction

Image by kalhh from Pixabay 


Lounging by the pool Kate looked up towards her window and was panic-stricken. A billow of black smoke was erupting. Then it hit her, she had left candles burning. “Oh my God”, she yelled. A neighbor grabbed Kate from running towards the fire.

“My mother is going to kill me, what am I going to do?” Petrified, Kate started to hyperventilate.

“Try to calm down, Kate,” her neighbor said while taking Kate to her place.

After a few shots of whiskey and a cold shower, Kate was still scared to death and kept saying, “She’s going to kill me!”

© Susan Zutautas 2020

Written for May 14th Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch.

Guilty or Innocent – Part Nine

The following was written in response to a blog hop called Six Sentence Story over at Denise’s. This week’s prompt word: “Watch”.


Image by elizabethaferry from Pixabay


Looking at his watch while tapping it, Principal Taylor said, “The wife and I are heading to the cottage in an hour so how about we pick this up on Tuesday around three-thirty. That will give me time to question Sam and speak to his parents.”

Pete felt a little at ease as this would give him three days before Sam would more likely kick the crap out of him. Maybe he would be able to come up with some sort of plan to avoid a beating.

Pete’s mom stood up and said, “Yes that will be fine and I’m sure that my husband will return with us on Tuesday. Come on Pete, grab your bag and let’s go.”

To be continued …

My story is ongoing and I began writing it on March 18th. It is about a boy by the name of Pete Patterson. During a random locker check a bag of pot was found in Pete’s locker. If you’d like to read this from the beginning, it starts here.

Men in Pots – #FFFC

The following silly poem was written in response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

fandango FFFC
Image from Pinterest

Plant a man

Watch him grow

Does he grow fast

or does he grow slow

A vegetarian …

I’d say so

Look at his face, he looks like a grump

I would too with those bumps

Horns on his head holding up trees

Pull off a leaf and he will sneeze

He sits all day inside his pot

He’d better take care before he rots. 






Nourishing the Mind – Flash Fiction

The following was written in response to a flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to nourish. The characters can nourish or be nourished. What else can be nourished? A tree? A setting? Does the sunset nourish the soul? Go where the prompt leads!



flash fiction May 7

Little one, you must always remember to nourish your mind.

But father how does one feed the mind?

Not feed … nourish.

Please explain as I am confused.

Each day, be sure you take time for yourself to breathe and relax, to reflect, to find peacefulness within, to count your blessings. Sit down, read a book that interests you, learn something new. Keep a journal and write what your heart says to you. Write down what is troubling you, your joys, your dreams, your hopes, and your desires. Get fresh air and enjoy your surroundings. Socialize, always be kind.


© Susan Zutautas 2020



Human or Alien

The following was written in response to Sandman’s Writing Challenge.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay 

Iain Bates has been murdered. Again.

“Tell me, Joe, why won’t this guy die?”

“I have a thought,” said Anna.

“Ya, and what’s that?”

“Maybe the guy isn’t human, maybe he’s an alien or something.”

“I suppose that’s possible, hell at this point anything is possible.”

“So how do you propose we get this guy? I mean if he won’t die, why not capture him in say … a cage?”

“You know Anna, that might just work. Then we can try to question him to see where he’s from and so on.”

Anna stood up from the meeting and said, “Okay boys let’s go and capture this man before he does any more harm.”

Guilty or Innocent – Eight

The following was written for a challenge called #SixSentenceStory over at Denise’s.

This week’s prompt word is “Gulf”

To start at the beginning of this series please click here.


Image by elizabethaferry from Pixabay

Mr. Taylor looked over at Pete who was wringing his hands and appeared to be working up a sweat. “It’s okay Pete, you can tell me, let’s get this out in the open and then we can all go home for the long weekend.”

In his gut, Pete felt he could not trust this man, but he knew he had to spill the beans. “Sam Wilkinson”, blurted Pete.

Mr. Taylor did not show any kind of emotion whatsoever and all he said was, “I see.”

Pete’s mom stood up and said, “We’re leaving for the Gulf tonight for the weekend, can we continue this on Tuesday?”

To be continued …