Childhood Problems

Hello tree Can you see me? I’m standing right in front of you I’m very scared and very blue I ran away from home you see Really don’t know what’ll become of me I’m standing here, the lake behind me If I slip I’ll wrap my arms around thee I don’t know what I’m goingContinue reading “Childhood Problems”

A Walk in the Park

Taking our time meandering around No pressures to be found Nice warm sunny day In the merry month of May Children playing at the park Dogs here and there, listen to them bark Families all having fun A wonderful day to just sit out in the sun   ©Susan Zutautas 2019   This was writtenContinue reading “A Walk in the Park”

The Joy of Aging

This post is for Six Sentence Story. The prompt word – memory. It seems lately that I’m aging faster than I’d like to, but I suppose everyone feels that way when they hit a certain age. Looking in the mirror I see my older self but when I’m out and about carrying on with myContinue reading “The Joy of Aging”

Catching a Nap – Flash Fiction

Flopping down on the couch with pillow in tow, I knew I’d be asleep in no time at all. Hopefully Sandy would let me get an hour’s sleep or so before calling me. Exhaustion had kicked in and out I went. I woke with a startle, looked up and saw Ian standing there. “Oh no,Continue reading “Catching a Nap – Flash Fiction”

The Longest Days – Flash Fiction

This week’s flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch is to write a short story or poem (in 99 words, no more, no less) using exhaustion as your prompt. —————————— Meg never realized how fatiguing it would be being the main caregiver for Ian’s mother who’d fallen and broken her hip. It had only beenContinue reading “The Longest Days – Flash Fiction”

Hot Springs – Haiku

  Image by David Mark from Pixabay Rejuvenating Hot springs, good for the body Releasing stresses Mineral water Therapeutic and warm Healing  benefits ©Susan Zutautas 2019   This haiku was written for an Elemental Writing Challenge over at The Haunted Wordsmith.

Gathering of the Angels

What do you See? A photo challenge over at Willow Poetry.   Gathering of the angels took place one day On earth, is what some people say Each culture had its angel representative there Overseen by the eldest, which was rare None of the angels knew what this meeting was about They all knew thoughContinue reading “Gathering of the Angels”