Family of Squirrels

The following children’s poem was written in response to Crispina’s weekly challenge.  There’s a tree in the field where squirrels love to play The trunk is partially hollowed out, come with me to see it today I’ll introduce you to my friends You’ll see that there are ten A family of squirrels that all haveContinue reading “Family of Squirrels”

Is There a Monster Underneath

The following poem was written in response to #Crimson’s Creative Challenge #70.   What lurks beneath? Perhaps something with very large teeth. Will it bite me if I look to see? Will it bite me in the knee? Maybe it’s friendly Maybe it’s deadly I don’t wait around Time to leave this town Running asContinue reading “Is There a Monster Underneath”

The Eagle Haiku

Watching for his meal He sits high upon his perch Ready to take flight   This majestic bird Has a wingspan of eight feet Powerfully fast   Lives up to twenty A natural carnivore Can easily swim   © Susan Zutautas 2019     This haiku was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #56.

Fallen Leaves

This silly poem was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52. Skipping through the woods Avoiding all the leaves they could Not wanting to hurt any and let me tell you … there were many Stopping every now and then To pick the pretty ones to defend Carefully put them into a book not wanting themContinue reading “Fallen Leaves”

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41

Fred, look over there, what the hell is that? Ethell, that there is a Canadian goose and he’s staring back at us. What do you think he’s doing here Fred? He’s probably cruizing around just like we are in search of food. Maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves. I hear Canadians are quiteContinue reading “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41”

Bridge or Fence

“Seems like a strange place to put a fence don’t you think? Looks like they wanted to give you the impression that it’s a bridge, yet I don’t see any water, do you? Want to go and explore?” she asked. “I’m sure it’s private property but … what the hell, he said, Let’s see whereContinue reading “Bridge or Fence”

A Little Bird Changed The Day

As the day got hotter and hotter I sat staring off into the water Dreaming of better days Wishing the bad ones would go away Worrying about so many things Then I heard a little bird sing My mood suddenly improved I became quite amused The little bird upon the rock Made me smile, whatContinue reading “A Little Bird Changed The Day”