Maggie – #Fur-Babies

The following picture is for a challenge over at Brashley Photography  So the challenge this week is – Fur-Babies. For this week’s challenge, show us images of fur-babies… it could be your pet, a cat in the neighborhood, even a dog or cat you’ve loved during your love.  Share your furbaby images.      

Danby Dog

Today’s challenge over at Mindloversmisery’s Menagerie called Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip is to write a Tautogram poem. Dachshund dog Danby dashed down dancing dune demonstrating durability determination  dedication due Dave Dangerfield   © Susan Zutautas 2020        


The following is written for a challenge over at Fandango’s called Fandango’s February Expression #22. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to post a story, a poem, an image, an interpretation of what the expression means to you,Continue reading “Liberty”

Every Picture Tells a Story – It’s a Dogs Life

The Tree Fort How I want to be a bird up in a tree Singing songs and chirping, chasing bumblebees I tried to build a nest, thinking maybe I could fly Turn into a bird, and soar way up high Gathered all the leaves and twigs, together to be bound Now I am exhausted withContinue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story – It’s a Dogs Life”