Dogedin Mural

Many dogs painted on a wall.   These pictures are for  Saturday Six Word Musings over at Debbie’s. I took all of these photos while in Dunedin, Florida. They are on an outside wall of Skips Bar on Main Street. The artist is Anna Hamilton. If you’d like to read about this wall please followContinue reading “Dogedin Mural”

Every Picture Tells a Story – It’s a Dogs Life

The Tree Fort How I want to be a bird up in a tree Singing songs and chirping, chasing bumblebees I tried to build a nest, thinking maybe I could fly Turn into a bird, and soar way up high Gathered all the leaves and twigs, together to be bound Now I am exhausted withContinue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story – It’s a Dogs Life”

An Act of Kindness – Bus Fare

Image by Christophe Schindler from Pixabay   Montreal Skyline   Back in the late sixties, yes, the nineteen sixties, bus fare or often called car fare for an adult was thirty-five cents and for anyone twelve and under it was ten cents. This was a time when parents felt it was safe for children, say around the ages ofContinue reading “An Act of Kindness – Bus Fare”

Our Newfoundland Dogs

Maggie and Bruce 2 Newfoundland Dogs All my life I’ve had dogs. When I first met my husband he wasn’t too keen on the idea of getting a dog. We talked about it and decided to wait until our three boys were older. This way we would have the time to care for and beContinue reading “Our Newfoundland Dogs”

Sunday Stills – The Gentle Giants

Today over at SecondWind Leisure Perspectives it’s Sunday Stills and this week the subject is dogs. At the moment we don’t have a dog but I’m sure it won’t be too long before we welcome one into our family. I thought I’d share a few photos of my Newfoundland dogs that I loved with allContinue reading “Sunday Stills – The Gentle Giants”

The Leader of The Pack

  From the day we brought Bruce home Maggie let him know that she was the leader of the pack. It was sad to see how she showed her eminence over him. Bruce was such a laid-back kind of guy that we were never sure if this bothered him. I’m sure they had this telepathicContinue reading “The Leader of The Pack”