For Chris – The Rock

I have a rock I keep upon my window ledge that is my connection to you They were handed out at your funeral so we had something to hang onto It sits in sunshine almost every day I pray your pain has left and gone away Young children should never die so young Your lifeContinue reading “For Chris – The Rock”

Spring and Sunshine

Spring uplifts my depression The sun shines and awakens something inside me New life springing up, trees budding, warmth beating down on the earth Dark clouds no longer hang over my head Rejuvenated and feeling like a brand new person Sleep now comes easy Hopelessness has turned into a promising future Gloomy days are nowContinue reading “Spring and Sunshine”

The End Is Near – Flash Fiction

Thirsting for water Not a cloud anywhere seen Everything is dead Trees are screaming out Our leaves are all on the ground Somehow please save us Once what was luscious Voluminous green pastures Has now turned to dust Spring arrived with hope Not a flower to be seen Dispiritedness Oceans are depleting Lakes and riversContinue reading “The End Is Near – Flash Fiction”