That’s It No More

  Why was he always yelling at her? Mary, a gentle-spoken woman knew the neighbors could hear his stentorian bark as they’d called the police more than once since they moved here from across the country a year ago. Joe thought Mary was easily influenced and his mission was to get complete control over her.Continue reading “That’s It No More”

Life’s Regrets

In the grand scheme of things when Bob looked back at his life, he felt it was quite unimpressive. When it came to joining up to one of the armed forces it terrified him to even fathom signing up. His father who’d been a navy seal was very disappointed and looked at him unheroically. AfterContinue reading “Life’s Regrets”

That’s the Way It Is

It’s flash fiction time again over at Carrot Ranch. In 99 words (no more, no less) write a short story using the phrase “Beggars Can’t Be Choosers” To see more about this challenge head on over to the ranch. Hope to see you there. ******************** What’s for dinner Mom? You won’t like my answer, butContinue reading “That’s the Way It Is”

Talking Mannequin – Flash Fiction

Man, it’s been a long day. Just need to get off my feet for a while they’re killing me. What do you think of my new hat? Goes well with the new hair colour, wouldn’t you say. Not sure what happened to these two behind me. Thinking maybe they went in for a little cosmeticContinue reading “Talking Mannequin – Flash Fiction”

Baking Disaster

Image by zarelyafr from Pixabay   It was late on a Friday evening the eve of my husband’s birthday and I had not made his cake yet. I had all the ingredients lined up in a row on the counter. Pans were greased and floured, and the oven was pre-heating. Quickly I mixed all theContinue reading “Baking Disaster”

Climbing to the Top – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16

Looking at the steep stairs I didn’t know if I could reach the top without passing out from loss of breath but knowing if I didn’t make it up there soon, it may be too late to get our marriage license. To distract myself from my breathing I counted the stairs as I escalated toContinue reading “Climbing to the Top – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16”