Day of the Dead – Flash Fiction

Hey Joe, Day of the Dead will soon be here, and I am looking forward to the festivities. It will be nice to see my loved ones that are left. I’m not sure that I’ll recognize anyone, but I’ll go with you, it’ll be fun. You know that they’ll have all our favorite dishes there,Continue reading “Day of the Dead – Flash Fiction”

A Brief Encounter – Flash Fiction

  The sun was shining and there was a soft breeze coming off the lake. I’d laid the blanket down on a grassy knoll. Thinking, tis perfect for a picnic. When Pat arrived, I had everything set up from the wine, pate, cheese, and crackers to a few slices of pecan pie. I suppose IContinue reading “A Brief Encounter – Flash Fiction”

Broken Glass – Flash Fiction

I thought of the glimmer Ash had in his eyes when I asked him what he had up his sleeve. His giggle sounded like nervous laughter. Then I heard a faint little bark and my skin felt like it was going to crawl, and I hated the idea that my eyes might swell, as IContinue reading “Broken Glass – Flash Fiction”

It’s All in the Clicks – Flash Fiction

  “I know how to do this, just be quiet”, Mary said to Pete as she listened intently with her stethoscope up against the safe’s dial. Stopping briefly, Mary said to Pete, “It should only take a few more tries to break this baby. Frightened as a rabbit Pete replied, “I sure hope so, we’veContinue reading “It’s All in the Clicks – Flash Fiction”

Ocean Waves – Flash Fiction

This week’s flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch is:  In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that makes a big splash. It can be fluid, or you can play with the idiom (to make a big splash is to do or say something that becomes unforgettable). Go where the prompt leads!Continue reading “Ocean Waves – Flash Fiction”

Growing Older – Flash Fiction

Joan was the lively one with the most energy in her group of friends but lately it seemed she was starting to slow down. Partying was no longer her choice for a fun evening. Now content to stay home and watch TV. She never dreamt she’d see this day come when she was younger. GettingContinue reading “Growing Older – Flash Fiction”

A Dogs Perspective Of Growing Old

When I was a puppy, we’d play every day Now that I’ve grown older, lie down is what you say I’d still love to fetch a ball even though I’m ten A few years ago, I was your best friend I hope I’m not too old for you, and you get a younger pup GetContinue reading “A Dogs Perspective Of Growing Old”

How Did I Get This Old – Flash Fiction

Growing older Growing wiser Kids are grown and gone Bones are aching Back is breaking Arthritis settling in Many memories to enjoy When I can remember them Retired early Now I’m squirrely But writing is my thing Gray hairs are abundant Get new ones every day Always looking forward To the month of May CataractsContinue reading “How Did I Get This Old – Flash Fiction”