Spring and Sunshine

Spring uplifts my depression The sun shines and awakens something inside me New life springing up, trees budding, warmth beating down on the earth Dark clouds no longer hang over my head Rejuvenated and feeling like a brand new person Sleep now comes easy Hopelessness has turned into a promising future Gloomy days are nowContinue reading “Spring and Sunshine”

Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You – Flash Fiction Poem

Somewhere In Nova Scotia Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You Oh my darling yes it’s true No matter how much you try No matter how much you do Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You You get up each morning You work the day away The chickens to be fed The cows milked Stalls mucked outContinue reading “Blue Skies Won’t Wait for You – Flash Fiction Poem”

It’s just the wind

Public Domain Bitterly cold Turning fingers white, noses red It’s just the wind Sending shivers down my spine Something rushes by It’s just the wind, Rain pounding Trees thrashing about It’s just the wind Were those men whistling at me? As I walked down the street It’s just the wind Forceful destructive Strong enough toContinue reading “It’s just the wind”