Growing Older – Flash Fiction

Joan was the lively one with the most energy in her group of friends but lately it seemed she was starting to slow down. Partying was no longer her choice for a fun evening. Now content to stay home and watch TV. She never dreamt she’d see this day come when she was younger. GettingContinue reading “Growing Older – Flash Fiction”

A Dogs Perspective Of Growing Old

When I was a puppy, we’d play every day Now that I’ve grown older, lie down is what you say I’d still love to fetch a ball even though I’m ten A few years ago, I was your best friend I hope I’m not too old for you, and you get a younger pup GetContinue reading “A Dogs Perspective Of Growing Old”

How Did I Get This Old – Flash Fiction

Growing older Growing wiser Kids are grown and gone Bones are aching Back is breaking Arthritis settling in Many memories to enjoy When I can remember them Retired early Now I’m squirrely But writing is my thing Gray hairs are abundant Get new ones every day Always looking forward To the month of May CataractsContinue reading “How Did I Get This Old – Flash Fiction”