Have You Seen the Mist – Flash Fiction

Coastal Mist Alluring softness Brings romantic illusions Letting mind wander Relaxed in a jacuzzi Sipping a fine chardonnay After a long day As the warm wind blows Across the lakes hardened ice One can see, sea mist Appearing as clouds Close onto ground, thick moisture Billows blocking sight Lighthouses warn boaters Vision obscured volatile MistContinue reading “Have You Seen the Mist – Flash Fiction”

No Escaping

Morguefile.com She thought of her pastMissing the life she once hadTears began to flow How did she get here?This place of hurt and sorrowShe longed to be free Not able to escapeHis grapple too tight to bearLeaving dark bruises Controlled, abused, sadFeeling helplessly restrainedThere was no way out Please note that this haiku style poemContinue reading “No Escaping”

Texas Hold Em

I have this little addiction, well actually two addictions. One is writing, and the other is I love to play Texas Hold Em Poker on Facebook. I’ve been playing online now for years as I really enjoy the game. It’s fun to try to figure out who the bluffers are, and who only bets when they know theyContinue reading “Texas Hold Em”