Sun Shadows

The following pictures are for a 2020 Home Photo Challenge over at Pastor J’s.     I was looking out at my backyard this morning and noticed as the sunlight hit the trees it gave them an orangey glow. I waited about twenty minutes or so and took the second photo which shows the trueContinue reading “Sun Shadows”

Dogedin Mural

Many dogs painted on a wall.   These pictures are for  Saturday Six Word Musings over at Debbie’s. I took all of these photos while in Dunedin, Florida. They are on an outside wall of Skips Bar on Main Street. The artist is Anna Hamilton. If you’d like to read about this wall please followContinue reading “Dogedin Mural”

Finding the Motherload

One day last week I was in a shop called The Birdhouse. I often go there to browse and see what’s new. Looking around I noticed a few walls that were saturated with signs. I felt as if I’d hit the motherload. I’ve been in there hundreds of times before but the signs never drewContinue reading “Finding the Motherload”

Goodbye Spiky March Squares

Thank you to Becky Spiky March Squares has been fun This is the last day   March thirty-first has arrived too quickly for me Inspirations found   Meeting new people I’m gratefully on cloud nine Thanks again Becky   © Susan Zutautas 2019   March wrapup for spiky can be found over at Becky’s.  Continue reading “Goodbye Spiky March Squares”

Feeling Like a Tourist

Here are some spiky squares I took the other day while on a walk around Orillia feeling like a tourist. This one is of the Orillia Opera House. If you’re a Gordon Lightfoot fan you can see him perform here several times a year. This is Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church in Orillia which isContinue reading “Feeling Like a Tourist”