Remembering Back

The following post was inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #93: remember.   My three sons. Oh how I miss those days so much Getting a smile from a gentle touch Watching you sleep was such a joy I was blessed with 3 baby boys …continued here   Our Wedding Day   Remembering back I haveContinue reading “Remembering Back”

Every Picture Tells a Story – It’s a Dogs Life

The Tree Fort How I want to be a bird up in a tree Singing songs and chirping, chasing bumblebees I tried to build a nest, thinking maybe I could fly Turn into a bird, and soar way up high Gathered all the leaves and twigs, together to be bound Now I am exhausted withContinue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story – It’s a Dogs Life”

Bugs Bunny and Mother Hubbard

By Sarah Catherine Martin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons One day when Mother Hubbard was at home She tried to feed her big dog a bone The dog had already helped himself, and gobbled The two I hear had quite the squabble Bugs Bunny is a silly wabbit Stealing from gardens, all the carrots DaffyContinue reading “Bugs Bunny and Mother Hubbard”