Found Guilty

Originally written on February 14, 2014. Today I’m sharing this for Fandango’s Friday Flashback.  FOUND GUILTY! I was found guilty of committing the crime A repeat offender – I’ve done years of time A life sentence now, plus a few Doing the time, for the crime I’ve committed with you   Not all perfect, I’ll beContinue reading “Found Guilty”

It’s just the wind

Public Domain Bitterly cold Turning fingers white, noses red It’s just the wind Sending shivers down my spine Something rushes by It’s just the wind, Rain pounding Trees thrashing about It’s just the wind Were those men whistling at me? As I walked down the street It’s just the wind Forceful destructive Strong enough toContinue reading “It’s just the wind”

It’s All About Learning – FTSF

By Paul Lowry (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia CommonsMcGill University  Arts Building, in Montreal Quebec I am done with school, but not with learningA strong desire for knowledge,  my mind always churning The choice to return, is always thereYou’re never too old, so never despair Life itself is a learning toolIn it’s own way, itContinue reading “It’s All About Learning – FTSF”

Happy Mothers Day – 2014

To Claire Who I’ve Always Called MomAlways there to lend a hand when family is in needNever expecting anything in returnThat’s who you’ve always beenEven though you don’t always agreeAnd known mistakes were foreseenYou give a little smile as if to sayI could have shown you the wayIf only you’d asked the other dayYou neverContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day – 2014”