The Perfect Gift

This short story was written in response to What do you See Challenge. It was their second anniversary since Meg and Ian started dating and Ian was so happy when he saw the look on Meg’s face as he handed her this beautifully wrapped gift. “Happy Anniversary, Meg. I love you more and more eachContinue reading “The Perfect Gift”

Childhood Problems

Hello tree Can you see me? I’m standing right in front of you I’m very scared and very blue I ran away from home you see Really don’t know what’ll become of me I’m standing here, the lake behind me If I slip I’ll wrap my arms around thee I don’t know what I’m goingContinue reading “Childhood Problems”

Gathering of the Angels

What do you See? A photo challenge over at Willow Poetry.   Gathering of the angels took place one day On earth, is what some people say Each culture had its angel representative there Overseen by the eldest, which was rare None of the angels knew what this meeting was about They all knew thoughContinue reading “Gathering of the Angels”

Dragon Crossing

Under his breath, the dragon huffed, “I can hear you up there Knight Slayer. You’re not going to fare well should I decide to come up there and get you. You’ve been warned before by my offsprings that you’re never to try and cross over here or you will be tortured. It won’t be aContinue reading “Dragon Crossing”