About Me

First off I hate talking about myself but I’ll try. Wanting to become a writer since kindergarten, was my dream.  No, I’m not going to tell you how long ago that was. Let’s just say decades ago. I would come home from school, pull out a Golden Book, and start copying the words onto paper imagining I was a famous writer. All through high school, English was my favorite subject and whenever we had to write a short story I would jump on it.

I’m a Canadian girl. Born in Montreal, Quebec. I now reside in Orillia, Ontario with my husband.

I started writing on Blogger back in 2012. I look back at some of my first posts and shutter. Since 2012 I have opened a regular blog, a poetry blog, and a recipe blog. All on Blogger.  I started writing at HubPages 8 years ago.

One of my big accomplishments is New In Town, a novella about a young woman named Morag. Morag enthusiastically begins her new life in Toronto. Shortly after getting settled she meets Ian. Is their meeting by chance, or is it fate? Suspense builds after a break-in occurs and Morag finds her life in turmoil. You can find this book along with two children’s books that I’ve published on Amazon.  I’m also honored to have a story or two in “The Congress of Rough Writers”: Flash Fiction Anthology volume 1.

Cooking is my second passion next to writing. I find it quite relaxing and the kitchen in my home is my favorite place to be. My kitchen island is where my laptop stays.

So what brought me to WordPress? I’ve been reading on WordPress for years and I find it to be a very friendly community. I was talking back and forth to calmkate and she convinced me to come over to WordPress. I just needed a little push, and I’m glad she did.


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