The Girl In The Window

The following poem was written in response to #FFFC#57. Looking out into the dark night Wanting to escape, knowing it was right Longing to see her family Perhaps she should cause a calamity If she left she’d be tracked If found she’d be attacked Brought here many years ago For reasons many didn’t want toContinue reading “The Girl In The Window”

The Old Post Office

This once busy post office now stood deserted and the building was for sale. I recall when mother worked here, said it was her favorite job other than taking care of dad and me. Truth be known it was her only job but that job put a roof over our heads and food on theContinue reading “The Old Post Office”

Flying With The Goose

This post was written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #16.   Flying higher and higher into the clouds we’d go Feeling as free as a bird, a goose, not a crow We’d meet at midnight on the rooftop I’d climb on her back and we wouldn’t stop All night long we’d swoop, climb and soarContinue reading “Flying With The Goose”